Things to Forget When You Are Planning to Have Your Tooth Extracted in Cedar Park, TX

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The internet is awash with tips and tricks to make people’s lives run smoothly. In one click, Google is there to provide you with so many articles talking about ‘studying hacks’ or ‘ways to cook fast’. In dentistry, on the other hand, you will encounter a lot of ‘things to remember to make your dental experience more comfortable’ and blogs alike. But today, our team at Rock Point Family Dentistry will not teach you something about things to keep in mind while undergoing a specific dental procedure. Instead, we will encourage you to forget certain things if you are planning to undergo a tooth extraction from our dentist. What are these points? You will learn them by reading below.

Tooth Extraction

Teeth extractions are required for those people who have one or multiple infected teeth. But before the dentist recommends an extraction, the teeth will be assessed first to know if it is still possible for a root canal treatment to rescue them. In cases where the infection is severe, the patient will be left with no choice but to have the affected structure removed.

Let’s say you will have your tooth extracted tomorrow. What are the thoughts that you should not be dwelling on? Take note: the brain sometimes dictates your emotions. If you let scary scenarios party in your mind, you are more likely to get scared during your tooth extraction appointment. The key, therefore, is to let go of the negative thoughts about the treatment—thoughts like the ones mentioned here:

Three Things to Forget Before Tooth Extraction


Pain is the first thing that you need to wipe away from your mind. Do not believe in this misconception. Remember, we are not living in the prehistoric era anymore. Dental procedures are made a lot more pleasant than the past. As for teeth extractions, aside from the usual local anesthesia that we have, you can also opt for a sedative option from our sedation dentistry service such as laughing gas for additional comfort.


Long healing period, sore mouth after the procedure, and many days of idleness – you will not encounter any of these if you follow the right aftercare instructions given by the dentist. So erase all of your bitter assumptions regarding tooth extraction recovery and start hoping for the best.


A tooth extraction procedure has a typical side effect: swelling. But hey—not all people experience swollen gums or cheeks after having their tooth removed! And besides, why worry if you have a soothing ice pack that can relieve any discomfort that you might encounter?

Don’t let fear hinder you from undergoing a Tooth Extraction service in Cedar Park, TX. Talk to us at Rock Point Family Dentistry and get to know the procedure more. We are located at 115 S Lakeline Blvd #200, Cedar Park, TX 78613.