Bridging the Gaps Between Missing Teeth

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Having missing teeth is an extreme hassle. Not only does it prevent a person from smiling, but it also decreases their amount of confidence. Losing teeth is a disheartening experience. Luckily, here at Rock Point Family Dentistry, we offer an effective procedure that can restore a person’s smile in the form of dental bridges! Dental bridges are false teeth designed to close these gaps, thus the name. It literally bridges one tooth using a variety of materials that can make the bridge look as natural as possible. Natural teeth or implants support these bridges.

dental bridges

What benefits do bridges bring?

Dental bridges are capable of restoring a person’s smile. They will no longer try to shy away and do that closed-mouth smile. People with missing teeth restored by bridges can smile and laugh as hard as those who do not need or use bridges. Missing a few teeth makes it hard to eat correctly. Chewing food will be a hard task. With dental bridges, a person can easily chew again and normally eat as they used to. Losing teeth changes the structure of a person’s face; this is especially noticeable when multiple teeth are missing. Through the help of dental bridges, the shape of the face is maintained. Problems with bite and speech are solved with the use of bridges. It also prevents the other teeth from drifting away from their designated location.

The cost of dental bridges

The price of dental bridges varies depending on several variables. The number of missing teeth, for example, is a variable that affects pricing. The less missing teeth, the lesser the cost. There are a variety of available materials that are used for making bridges. The cost will depend on the type of material used and the location of where the bridge must be placed.

Caring for dental bridges

Keeping the gums and natural teeth healthy are factors that will make the bridges last. Depending on a person’s oral care habits, dental bridges are replaced every 5-15 years. That is why brushing twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash with antiseptic properties are crucial when it comes to caring for the prosthesis. A balanced diet also goes a long way for someone with bridges.

Missing a few teeth? Let us help you bring your smile back. Here are at Rock Point Family Dentistry, we offer Dental Bridges in Cedar Park, TX to close the gaps brought by missing teeth. We are located at 115 S. Lakeline Blvd. #200, Cedar Park, TX 78613. Call us to schedule an appointment.