Three Signs That You Might Need Dentures

You might not be able to envision yourself with dentures, but did you know that they’re more prevalent than you realize? If you regularly keep up with your dental appointments and practice excellent oral hygiene, you might be able to avoid wearing these prostheses. However, if you have a history of tooth problems, there is a strong chance that dentures are going to be a part of your future. Thankfully, the dentures available today are far more superior to those available in the past.


If you’re not sure if you need dentures or not, here are four warning signs that you must look after. Continue reading below!

Severe cases of toothache 

Perhaps the most obvious sign that you’ll need dentures is a substantial toothache that won’t go away. It’s even worse if you ignore it and don’t get it treated. A bad toothache is a sign that tooth decay has made its way to your nerve and is causing you severe discomfort. While a root canal can be an option to save the tooth, sometimes the decayed tooth is just beyond saving. This is where restoration options, such as dentures, come in. 

You have loose or shifting teeth

Having loose or shifting teeth is a symptom that often indicates bone loss related to undiscovered periodontal disease. The same goes for gaps that grow wider in between your teeth. Since you can’t see below the gums, there may be significant damage occurring without your knowledge. With severe bone loss, losing your teeth may be inevitable. This will lead you to need dentures.

Difficulty in chewing or digesting food

Finding it difficult to chew or feeling pain while eating hard or chewy foods is a sign that your teeth may have significant damage. Another sign that most people are not aware of is chronic indigestion. Since your teeth cannot function properly, you will find it harder to chew. You will most likely take bigger bites that lead to stomach pains. Visit your dentist if you’re experiencing either or both of these symptoms. 

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