Smile Select Dental Plan

Whether you are looking for savings on routine, major or specialty dental care, this plan has the right discount for you.

Select the plan that is simple and easy to use - with no charge for exams & full-mouth x-rays - and great savings on all the treatments you need for you and your family. See the example below of how you can start saving on your dental health... and your smile!

Example of Savings

Procedure UCR Cost
Without The Plan
Cost With
The Plan
Exam $103.00 NO CHARGE $103.00
Complete Ful-Mouth X-rays $148.00 NO CHARGE $148.00
Panoramic Radiographic Image $125.00 NO CHARGE $125.00
Cleaning - Adult $106.00 $60.00 $46.00
Filling $204.00 $122.00 $82.00
Crown $1,350.00 $1,012.00 $338.00
Crown Build-up $302.00 $226.00 $76.00
Extraction - Impacted $364.00 273.00 $91.00
Total $2,702.00 1,693.00

Your Total Savings as a Plan Member


Per Year


2 Individuals
Per Year


Per Year


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